Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Shopping Ban on Cricut

I am such an addict lately. It doesn't help that my friend is also a cricut addict and we are just bad influence on each other. Now that I have over 20 carts, I really should try to use all of them once before I can but another one. So, here it is, I am putting myself on the cricut shopping ban until I have cut something out of each of the carts. :)

Talking about shopping ban, I think I am going to minimize all my other scrapbooking "needs" too, at least until I can.. Hm... okay, at least until I completed Briana's baby album upto and completing the Michigan trip. Go Grace G0!!!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Welcome to Gracie's Diary

Hello all, I planned this little spot for myself and my family. Hoping this spot will help me with keeping things that are memorable to me and my family.

Let me start on this week. First week back to work, and more imporatantly, Briana went back to daycare after almost a whole month. She did exceptionally well, with no drama's at school. My girl is growing up!

We did something special this weekend, we went to visit Uncle Peter. It took Briana good 15 mins to get over her sleephead fuzz and get familiar with the surrounding. Once that's done, she was looking all around the place. Uncle Peter and Tim and so many beautiful fishes. Both fresh and marine, I can't wait to start my own. knowing fully though that my tank would not be as extravagant as theirs as they have invested a lot of money into the marine tank. But Peter was so sweet to give me a head start of my marine tank adventure, a wonderful aquarium that is designed to facililate a marine aquarium. This is going to be great. He has loan me a couple books to read and get started. Hurray!!

On another front, I am getting closer to reorganizing my scrap area. I think I really need ot be good and go on a shopping ban. Definately no more cricut stuff until at least March! Okay, that's it, I am determined!

Alright, gotta go and spend time with my sweet Briana...