Sunday, October 26, 2008

Very weird experience do I start. Okay...I took Briana to bed about 7:30pm last night and I was so tired, so I went back to our room after I got her settled in. About 11:30pm, I am in kinda a half asleep mode, I heard what sounds like your foot steps going to the bathroom, opened and closed one of the vanity drawer and then climb back to bed. Of course, when I first heard it, I was like, wait a minute, Hubby is out, who is in here. (But I was not scared, it was more as a matter of fact) Then I felt someone actually lie beside me, I was so mad and I yelled "GET OUT". Now, all this time I can't open my eyes, and then I found that I can't yelled either. A hand then proceed to press against my lower abdomen and start to push harder as I tried to yell louder for "it" to GET OUT. Somehow, in my head, I know it's not a human, it's an "it". Don't know why??? I finally start praying to Jesus and Mary and all out of a sudden, the presence was gone. At this point, I am just jumping MAD. I rushed into Briana's room to make sure the little princess is alright and I told whatever that might still be around to leave this one alone or I will make sure that I will take care of "IT". Ha.. funny now as to what I would have done.. After I was satisfy that Bri is ok, I went back to our bedroom. I stopped by the bathroom and did noticed the drawer where the q-tips are was not closed completely. Now, that might just be nothing for all I know, but I don't recall opening that drawer at all. Anyhow, it all left me kind of puzzled. I watch 15 mins of tv and feel that the house is calm again and went back to sleep. Briana did join me at 3 this morning. She slept till 7:45 this morning... Hopefully, she will catch up with all her sleep before tomorrow!

Anyhow, just strange... Now that everything is done...I am very surprised that I was not scared at all. I was really just mad and upset that whatever it is dare to invade our home!! And the mommy instinct took over to check on Briana and the dogs. I don't know. May be I am just nutz.. Will talk to mom later about this.