Sunday, October 26, 2008

Very weird experience do I start. Okay...I took Briana to bed about 7:30pm last night and I was so tired, so I went back to our room after I got her settled in. About 11:30pm, I am in kinda a half asleep mode, I heard what sounds like your foot steps going to the bathroom, opened and closed one of the vanity drawer and then climb back to bed. Of course, when I first heard it, I was like, wait a minute, Hubby is out, who is in here. (But I was not scared, it was more as a matter of fact) Then I felt someone actually lie beside me, I was so mad and I yelled "GET OUT". Now, all this time I can't open my eyes, and then I found that I can't yelled either. A hand then proceed to press against my lower abdomen and start to push harder as I tried to yell louder for "it" to GET OUT. Somehow, in my head, I know it's not a human, it's an "it". Don't know why??? I finally start praying to Jesus and Mary and all out of a sudden, the presence was gone. At this point, I am just jumping MAD. I rushed into Briana's room to make sure the little princess is alright and I told whatever that might still be around to leave this one alone or I will make sure that I will take care of "IT". Ha.. funny now as to what I would have done.. After I was satisfy that Bri is ok, I went back to our bedroom. I stopped by the bathroom and did noticed the drawer where the q-tips are was not closed completely. Now, that might just be nothing for all I know, but I don't recall opening that drawer at all. Anyhow, it all left me kind of puzzled. I watch 15 mins of tv and feel that the house is calm again and went back to sleep. Briana did join me at 3 this morning. She slept till 7:45 this morning... Hopefully, she will catch up with all her sleep before tomorrow!

Anyhow, just strange... Now that everything is done...I am very surprised that I was not scared at all. I was really just mad and upset that whatever it is dare to invade our home!! And the mommy instinct took over to check on Briana and the dogs. I don't know. May be I am just nutz.. Will talk to mom later about this.


Micki said...

Ok that was freaky! Hope the visitor doesn't come back!

Gracie's Blog said...

Yeah.. that was a bit scary... It has not happen since. But, I truly believe that being Mom has made me so much stronger both emotionally and physically.

Deb said...

believe it or not I have had the same experience! especially since u mentions the pressure on your abdomen and inability to talk. I did the same.. I just Shouted Jesus! I believe it is an evil presence and we have to pray in the power of JESUS to make it flee.
So glad you did. Ps there's nothing like the "mother bear" spirit in us mommies to protect our loved ones.

Crazie Jones said...

Hey Gracie, Casie from the Cricut board here!

I read this 'weird experience' of yours. I don't know if I had the same experience or I dreamed it, but something similar. I did the same thing. Calling out to God and Jesus to make whatever it was to go away!