Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gift from the Heart -

My DD's uncle and aunt's birthdays are coming up and I wanted to be able to give them something that Briana "made" and yet usable for them as Briana's gifts. So, here's my attempt.

The CD tin was from Stampin up. I bought a whole bunch when they were on sale last year to do frames. All we did was we use acrylic paint on my DD's palm and pressed together to resemble a heart. I found it very difficult to direct a 2-1/2 yr old to keep her fingers together for a good print.

Next, for her aunt, I have my DD does palm prints on a bunch of pre-cut cardstock (4" X 3"), the size really depends on your child's hand. She has so much fun painting her palm and being tickish. After it's dried, DD help added googley eyes and a squirt of Stickles as the tail feather to complete the job.
For her uncle though, it's all about fishes. So, repeat the same as above and add stickles for fish lips and Viola, you are done!!



Those are just the cutest!!

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Hi Gracie! You have the cutest little girl! I would love to send you the .cut file for the cake, I just need your email address. Can you please send it to me? Have a blessed day!!